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Principal stylist


We’re pretty sure that Gigi started her life with a brush and comb. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for creating trendy hair styles. A truly creative hair artist with a eye for detail and design, Gigi applies her knowledge of hair color to bring new energy to every styling. This expertise, along with her down-to-earth approach (she's been described as a warm cup of chocolate), makes her an in-demand colorist and designer in the salon. Whether on her own, or as part of a team, she’s a well-accomplished artist and session stylist who achieves beautiful results for individuals and big events.

Small Beginnings


Gigi seriously started fixing hair in her home back in 90s, she loved it that much. Gigi started with a vision and worked her way through beauty school. She started out with her fully-mobil, glam trunk collection of hair products and she's never looked back.

In April of this year, she was lucky enough to finally open up our own salon, where her dreams of owning her own place to style hair have come true!

From the small beginnings of styling her girlfriends hair at home, in college dorm rooms or even in her fully mobile studio, her dreams have become our reality. And we LOVE it!